Giornata del Contemporaneo - Italian Contemporary Art

The Day of Contemporary Art is the major annual event promoted by the AMACI – Association of Italian Museums of Contemporary Art to focus on the art of our times and its public. 

AMACI museums and and the art venues that confirm their participation open their doors free of charge to present artists and new ideas through shows, workshops, events and conferences, as part of a multifaceted programme that, year after year, offers the public an opportunity to experience the complex and lively world of contemporary art.

The Day of Contemporary Art merits special attention for the important role it intends to play in promoting our contemporary culture.

Furthermore, the increase in terms of attendance and participation in the Days of Contemporary Art over the past few years has clearly shown the growing attention that Italian museums have paid to AMACI and to an initiative that is destined to become an annual rendezvous on the contemporary art scene in Italy. The event has made it possible to sketch out a map of art today that encompasses not only metropolises but also small cities and towns that have long been very active, where museums have become cultural poles with the mission of presenting and valorizing the activity of contemporary artists. 

Giornata del Contemporaneo - Italian Contemporary Art


The 15th Day of Giornata del Contemporaneo - Italian Contemporary Art, the great event organized annually by AMACI to bring the art of our era to the general public will be held on Saturday, 12 October 2019.


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