Imprese con l'Arte Contemporanea

Companies in support of contemporary creativity




With the initiative Imprese con l’Arte Contemporanea AMACI involves all companies that identify contemporary creativity as a decisive factor for innovation and the economic and social development of our country.


More and more companies are aware that, among the global competitive scenario, the company must be able to look at contemporary culture as an essential component of its strategy. Privileging this vision means offering an additional opportunity to our economic system to enhance the main resource it has in facing the new competitive challenges: human capital.


With Imprese con l’Arte Contemporanea, AMACI proposes, in particular, to create a common table that leads industries to an exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas on the topic, and that promotes this important and innovative vision of the relationship between art and business.


Companies that decide to take part in the project, with an annual contribution, choose to give continuity to the Giornata del Contemporaneo, supporting AMACI' s institutional activity in favor of contemporary creativity.