Master and pupil, Mauro De Carli (1944-2008) and Piermario Dorigatti (1954) are the protagonists of a dialogue between sculpture and painting that highlights the elements of continuity along with the differences in the work of the two Trentino artists. The Galleria Civica, confirming its commitment towards documenting and promoting the excellence of the local territory within an exhibition program focused on contemporary languages, has organized an extensive exhibition on the work of the pair.

De Carli attended the courses of one of the most important Italian sculptors of the twentieth century, Marino Marini, at the Brera Academy. Focusing on the human figure, imbued with the lessons of the great modern and contemporary masters, from Auguste Rodin to Alberto Giacometti, his work can be considered a synthesis between sculpture, painting and drawing.
Born 1954, trained in De Carli’s studio, in the nineties Piermario Dorigatti graduated in painting at the same academy: a "painterly-painter" whose works feature the importance of the mark and the chromatic material.

It is in the common thread that links Mauro De Carli's sculpture to Piermario Dorigatt’s painting that the exhibition finds the weft of the story it sets out to tell. The master’s work is represented by a selection of pieces realized in plaster, bronze and cement between the seventies and the early years two thousand. Dorigatti exhibits paintings mainly created in the last year specifically for this exhibition.


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