Winner of the Italian Council competition, sponsored by Italian Ministery for Cultural Heritage and Activities in support of the best contemporary Italian artistic production, Sara Enrico is exhibiting The Jumpsuit Theme at Mart: a project with pairs up with the project of the same name in the Prague National Gallery.

The title is a reference to jumpsuits, one of modernity’s most emblematic garments and the idea of theme understood as a variation and improvisation on the construction principle. The exhibition is introduced by a selection of research sources kept at the Archivio del '900 and refers to two modernist tailoring exponents: Ernesto Thayaht (1893-1959), inventor of the TuTa in 1919, and stylist Madeleine Vionnet (1876-1975), precursor of a fashion revolution which contributed to women’s emancipation.
Protagonists of a cement sculpture in anthropomorphic forms and five large format prints: scans of a wooden element moved during the digital acquisition process which suggest a scenic space in the museum’s rooms.

Project winner of the 4th edition of Italian Council (2018), a competition conceived by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries (DGAAP) – an organism of the Italian Ministery for Cultural Heritage and Activities, to promote Italian contemporary art in the world.
In collaboration with Národní galerie v Praze.