MAN_Museo d'Arte della Provincia di Nuoro
The MAN is a permanent public institution that is one of a kind in Sardinia, devoted to the study, conservation and promotion of modern and contemporary art. The museum pursues its cultural aims by engaging in a number of different activities, which take place both inside the museum and beyond its walls: installation of exhibition projects dedicated to contemporary visual expression and the history of art from the 19th to the 21st century, the promotion of the cultural heritage it preserves (the collection of Sardinian art from the 20th century to the modern day), the development of training programs, mediation and learning opportunities designed to suit different audiences. The idea is to instate an "open museum", a permanent workshop dedicated to artistic enquiry and experimentation, a production and communication space where memory and innovation, research and dissemination, global thinking and local action can co-exist.
Vittorio Accornero
Edina Altara
Giorgio Andreotta Calò
Italo Antico
Antonio Ballero
Cesare Cabras
Graziano Cadalanu
Giovanni Campus
Lisetta Carmi
Cristian Chironi
Francesco Ciusa
Giovanni Ciusa Romagna
Pietro Collu
Francesco Congiu Pes
Aldo Contini
Antonio Corriga
Mario Delitala
Stanis Dessy
Francesca Devoto
Giovanni Dotzo
Filippo Figari
Carmelo Floris
Gino Frogheri
François-Xavier Gbrè
Guido Guidi
Maria Lai
Sonia Leimer
Mauro Manca
Pietro Antonio Manca
Anna Marongiu
Pietro Mele
Felice Melis Marini
Melchiorre Melis
Antonio Mura
Costantino Nivola
Mario Paglietti
Bernardino Palazzi
Giovanni Pintori
Giovanni Antonio Pirari Varriani
Rosanna Rossi
Giacinto Satta
Vincenzo Satta
Tona Scano
Pinuccio Sciola
Antonio Secci
Tarquinio Sini
MAN_Museo d'Arte della Provincia di Nuoro
Sebastiano Satta, 27, 08100, Nuoro
Telefono: 0784.252110
Sito web:
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