Palazzo Fabroni
Museo del Novecento e del Contemporaneo di Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia
The Museum of the 20th Century and the Contemporary in Palazzo Fabroni is named after the noble Pistoiese family that lived there until 1842. It houses the Municipality of Pistoia's permanent collection of modern and contemporary art. Put together from acquisitions an donations as well as the town's original collections, it offers a voyage through art from the 1920sto the present day. The museum is organized chronologically and by similar groups of works, starting from the ground-floor rooms. In addition to the public areas with an informative video installation on the history of the building, its collections and the new garden, there is the section dedicated to 20th-century art in Pistoia, dating from the second half of the 1920s to the late 1960s. On the first floor, the large double-height central hall is recognized as a setting for reflecting on art, owing to Claudio Parmiggiani’s imposing "Scultura d’ombra" on the walls. The tour continues with the monographic rooms dedicated to the Pistoiese artists Mario Nigro, Fernando Melani, Gualtiero Nativi and Agenore Fabbri. Then, there are the collective rooms that host works donated to the Municipality of Pistoia by many of the artists who, since 1990, have participated in personal or thematic exhibitions at Palazzo Fabroni. This has led to an eloquent voyage through Arte Povera, Conceptual Art, Minimal Art, Visual Poetry and other movements, totally regenerating both language and artistic material. The spaces on the second floor are used for temporary exhibitions. Beyond the large loggia at the back of the building is an outdoor space that was completely redesigned in recent years as a contemporary “artist’s garden”.
Renzo Agostini
Aurelio Amendola
Roberto Barni
Bizhan Bassiri
Bice Bisordi
Pietro Bugiani
Umberto Buscioni
Alberto Caligiani
Alfiero Cappellini
Mario Carnicelli
Enrico Castellani
Francesco Chiappelli
Giuseppe Chiari
Alfio Del Serra
Marco Delogu
Diego Esposito
Agenore Fabbri
Alfredo Fabbri
Luciano Fabro
Giovanni Frangi
Aldo Frosini
Valerio Gelli
Remo Gordigiani
Federico Gori
Giulio Innocenti
Jannis Kounellis
Daniele Lombardi
Angiolo Lorenzi
Egle Marini Giuntoli
Marino Marini
Umberto Mariotti
Andrea Mastrovito
Luigi Mazzei
Fernando Melani
Gualtiero Nativi
Mario Nigro
Silvano Palandri
Gerardo Paoletti
Claudio Parmiggiani
Alfredo Pirri
Renato Ranaldi
Gianni Ruffi
Marinella Senatore
George Edward Tatge
Marco Tirelli
Jorio Vivarelli
Umberto Volpini
Corrado Zanzotto
Palazzo Fabroni
Comune di Pistoia
Museo del Novecento e del Contemporaneo di Palazzo Fabroni
via Sant'Andrea 18, 51100, Pistoia, PT, Italy
Telefono: +39 0573 371817
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