MUSEUMS AT THE ‘POST-DIGITAL’ TURN The first major symposium curated by Lorenzo Giusti and Nicola Ricciardi, conceived by AMACI in the framework of Museum Twenty-One - a brand new research platform dedicated to the transformations of the contemporary art museum. Speakers and scholars invited from across the world have convened to consider these central questions: What does the future hold in store for the museum? What role may the museum as an institution play in the physical space of the web? What changes are taking place in curatorial practices, display strategies, collecting and conservation policies, mediation techniques and teaching systems? How has the relationship with the public changed, and how much will it continue to change over the years to come? What results – in terms of approval, incidence, capacity for persuasion and criticism of museum projects – is it fair to expect from a system of viewing and ratification which is ever more ‘externalised’? What role may be played by the history of art over the years to come, and in what way will it interface with the ever more fluid activities of museums? The acts will be published by Mousse Publishing.
RAAM RAAM is online! RAAM - Ricerca Archivio AMACI Musei is an online archive designed to raise awareness of the quantity and quality of public contemporary art heritage, from 1966 to the present day, of 20 museums that are members of AMACI.